na NADAR-06090000018272 20090604094853.0 170309||||||||| | ||| |||| ||ind|| JBUNIPB 0010-060900000018272 636.082 636.082 USE The use of radioimmunoassay and related procedures to improve reproductive performance of domestic animals proceedings of the second research coordination meeting held at the Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), 20-24 February 1978 ed. by D. Sastradipradja Bogor Depart. of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia 1979 viii, 164 hlm il 20 cm Animal production Radioimmunoassay techniques Hormonal influences Sastradipradja, D P 18-07-2001 10 ST2001153 ST2001154 ST2001184 ST2001187 SM982823 11223479 SM982827 SM980761 ST964967 ST964966